Chair of Fine Arts Departments & the Director of Theatre Programs at
Stuart Hall School.  Classes include:
Introduction to Theatre
Shakespeare in Performance
Acting Studio

Guest Artists and Adjunct Faculty in Graduate and Undergraduate courses:
Mary Baldwin Universtiy


Over 12 years of experience leading workshops and masterclasses up and down the Eastern Seaboard of America, into Canada & England have lead to the creation of these classes for undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals:
Acting Shakespeare
Stage Combat
Actor Training for Business & Leadership



Jeremy is a dependable, hard-working employee. He’s a motivated self-starter who excelled in the rehearsal room, on the stage, and in the classroom. His stage combat and musical skills also helped him [in being] an extremely valuable teammate.
— Jim Warren, Artistic Director/Co-Founder, American Shakespeare Center.
Jeremy is an excellent actor and theatre company colleague. I would always consider casting him in a role in our theatre company.
— Bob Chapel, Producing Artistic Direct, Heritage Theatre Festival.
One of the finest Actors I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. Whether acting, directing or teaching, West always brings his ‘A game’ and inspires you to up yours.
— Simon Strain, MFA, Artistic Director, Creation Forge Theatre (UK)


On directing Christopher Marlowe's The Massacre at Paris

[T]his production managed to answer, intelligently and engagingly, its audience’s academic curiosity - does Massacre work on stage and how? It was also an enjoyable hour’s entertainment; a show which did not negate the problematic state of the text but demonstrated how an uncut, unaltered ‘bad’ play can come to fluent and convincing life on the stage - in all its scheming, backstabbing, ear-removing glory
— Hannah Goreing, King's College, London; Marlowe Society of America Newsletter Vol.33, No. 1, Fall 2013
From a director who has graced this particular stage himself on numerous comes as little surprise that the company performs The Massacre with deftness and aplomb, at times rising to excellence, no matter how corrupt the source text may be.
— Tony Tambasco, University of Delaware Resident Ensemble Players' Marlowe Society of American Newsletter Vol. 33, No.1, Fall 2013

On teaching an Acting Class

His own skill as a stage fighter and experience in instructing others allowed him to introduce new concepts efficiently and soundly; his background in acting meant that he understood the needs of the actors and communicated with them in a language that they could easily understand.’
— Luke Beattie, Co-Artistic Managing Director, Foul Papers Theatre Company (UK)

On leading a stage combat workshop

Jeremy creates a working environment that is energetic and exciting. You want to jump out of your seat to get involved
— Julia Sears, Workshop Participant, Executive Director, Empty Chair Theatre Co.

On directing William Shakespeare's Hamlet

Jeremy’s proficiency as a director lies in his ability to understand more about your potential and talent than you know yourself, and more importantly, he has the skill to make you reach that potential.
— W. Wilson, Cast of Hamlet, 2009

On leading an Acting for Shakespeare workshop

Jeremy is both a thoroughly professional actor/director and workshop leader, I unhesitatingly recommend him
— David Fallow, Doctoral Research, Department of Drama, University of Exeter